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We understand why you’d want to increase alkalinity in Reno with your water. Many people are health-conscious about the 70+ chemicals in their tap water because not enough of them get monitored. There are over 300 chemicals from copper to metals, lead, plastic residue, pesticides, and chlorine in tap water. And bottled water is just "purified" tap water with confusing labels that isn't much different.

It's also not very eco-friendly to consume bottled water either, and it can cost a fortune. You want something more economical, safer, and healthier. And you’ll find it in electrolyzed reduced medical-grade water, which you can only get through an alternative filtration system. It’s rich in antioxidants and used in Japan’s hospitals for decades. Wouldn’t you want to make this kind of water for yourself from home?

When you discover ways to increase alkalinity in Reno, your water will never be unhealthy again. We're Tyler and Joelle Orn, and we want to tell you about a unique filtration system that's beneficial to your health and finances. With long-lasting results, you could obtain optimum health and wealth! Staying well-hydrated is essential, but so is being able to achieve financial freedom!

When you take the time to increase alkalinity in Reno, you're taking a precaution that most others miss. You'll live a longer, happier life with none of the health detriments of drinking the highly processed and treated water that most drinks. With all kinds of mind-control chemicals and docility compounds put into the water, it's no wonder that people who drink from the tap die at a much younger age.

Water aids in digestion, carries nutrients to our cells, assists with weight loss and maintenance, flush out toxins, and helps prevent fatigue and headaches. But not all water is the same. And you can't find this type of water anywhere. But you can make your very own antioxidant, alkaline, healthy, mineral-rich, impurity-free water from home, and we'll show you how! Call us today.

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