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Tyler and Joelle Orn

“Make Your Health an Investment… Not an Expense.”

Hello! We’re Tyler and Joelle Orn, and we're here to bring you a greener lifestyle. Not only greener ecologically but greener in your bank account as well! As Team Health2o, we’re all about creating an environment that allows YOU to reach your potential in becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise through this alkaline water system! These machines enhance your life by making it easier than ever to live the eco-friendly life you desire. There are countless ways that this water system can change your life, and we’re excited to help you learn more about them all within our website. You can drink the water and feed it to your pets too, but you can also use it to remove stains, cook with, and create hand sanitizer!

This one-of-a-kind system changed our lives, and we know it can change yours too. Six years ago, I was on crutches, barely able to walk due to my joints all locking up and having horrid bruises on my legs called erythema nodosum. I’d been fighting a decade-long battle of chronic pancreatitis that no western medicine MDs or naturopathic doctor could explain. I had thinning hair and horrific acne as well, despite eating organic, farm-fresh, and taking herbs and supplements. But everywhere I sought relief, turned up empty. The pain was daily, and I struggled to get out of bed. Every step brought me to my knees. After several blood tests, there was no sign of relief in sight. Finally, following a diagnosis of celiac disease, our entire family went gluten-free cold turkey and started feeling somewhat better. But we were far from well.

After months of adhering to a strict diet, I was still so weak that I'd need to sit down just to cook dinner. It's no way for a young mom barely 30 years old to live. That's when we learned about this alkaline water system, and our journey as Enagic® International Distributors began. eNot only were we able to live a healthier lifestyle that we were unable to experience before. Still, we were also able to promote a more eco-friendly environment and also supplement our income, telling others how they can do the same. For a low investment, you, too, can become a distributor of these ionized water machines and make your health an investment, not an expense!

Specializing in:

  • Healthy alkaline water
  • Ionizer filters
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Make your sanitizer
  • High-income jobs
  • Low-cost opportunity
  • Business strategy
  • Health products
  • Self-employment alternative


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